Flotilla Holidays

Flotillas are great fun for friends and families If you've never been on a sailing holiday before, you may be wondering what actually happens on a flotilla. You'll find itineraries for each of our cruises on the site - although, of course, each flotilla can have its own individual character, so it's difficult to give you a detailed description of your holiday - but this should give you a good idea.

When you arrive

The first thing to do after arriving is familiarise yourself with your yacht and its equipment. Your flotilla skipper and hostess will show you where everything is and explain the workings of the fridge, echo-sounder, radio and other fittings.

Then it's off to the local taverna, to sit in the sun with a cool drink and get to know the other crews. There's usually a maximum of 10 yachts on our flotillas, so you'll find plenty of people to meet without feeling swamped. You'll soon make new friends over a glass or two of wine - while the children are busy forging firm friendships with other young people from a host of different countries.

First Morning

Next morning, we start with the main briefing. The flotilla skipper helps you get the feel of things and teaches you about any unfamiliar aspects - operating the roller-furling sails, for example, or using a kedge anchor. The amount of explanation is geared to your knowledge, but many less-experienced sailors appreciate both the security of having expert help to hand and the opportunity to learn a little more.

Setting Sail

Then, we're off! For the first day or two the flotilla tends to sail as a group, as people get accustomed to the yachts - and the relaxed atmosphere! Each morning begins with the skippers' briefing, when the flotilla leader gives you comprehensive details of that day's destination, charts of the area, weather outlook, suggestions for good sailing en route, navigational hazards to watch out for and any other points or information you may require. Your hostess can recommend a friendly restaurant, and give tips on good places to buy fruit, T-shirts, sandals, postcards. . .

Many of our clients work in high pressure jobs and take a little while to slow down to the Greek pace of life! Soon, though, you'll feel quite accustomed to a lazy and prolonged breakfast, followed perhaps by a stroll round the village or a cup of coffee outside the quayside taverna, then finally getting under way as the sea breeze starts to pick up.

You may choose to sail hard all day or you may prefer to find a secluded bay and while away the hours swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling and windsurfing. The sea breezes are refreshing and make it difficult to judge the heat of the sun, so you have to watch out for sunburn for the first few days. But it's always easy to cool off with a dip in the sea - or with the assistance of a bottle of beer!

Flotilla sailing yachtsIn the afternoon or early evening you'll arrive at your next port of call, where you'll find your flotilla leader ready to guide you into the quay and help you tie up. Some navigate instantly towards a shady taverna table, while others disappear in search of sailboards. You'll swap the day's anecdotes with the crew of your neighbouring yacht, have a shower, admire your newly-acquired suntan, be hopelessly tempted by the wares of the fruit-seller visiting the quay, photograph the passing peasant with his donkey, clamber around the ruins of an ancient castle...

Then it's time for the evening meal, and the day's biggest problem - do you have the calamari or the swordfish, the kebabs or the grilled chicken? And of course baklava is fattening, but never mind! As darkness falls, crews return to their yachts or to impromptu parties on other yachts. If you're still feeling too hot, you can simply go for a midnight swim off the back of the boat or stay on deck and study the stars.

Your hostess will arrange several social events during the cruise and one of the highlights is usually the barbeque evening. We anchor in an uninhabited bay, build a fire of driftwood, and cook ourselves an enormous feast with plenty of punch to lubricate proceedings! And finally, the farewell dinner forms a memorable climax to your holiday.